If you are upgrading or renovating your house, apartment or commercial property, one thing that is commonly overlooked is the age and condition of your switchboard. Older switchboards usually consist of ceramic fuses and most of the time, have no electric shock protection. Put yourself at ease and protect your family with the replacement of ceramic fuses with circuit breakers and safety switches (Residual Current Devices or RCD's). In addition to the increased safety benefits, you will also gain the convenience of resetting a breaker rather than re-wiring a fuse.
Safety Switch Testing and Installation


Electricl Switchboard Upgrades Rockhampton


A common misconception is that a circuit breaker or fuse will trip/blow in the event of an electrocution. This however is not the case, circuit breakers and fuses are installed to protect the wiring and minimise the chances of electrical fires. If you want to protect you and your family, the installation of safety switches (RCD's) is paramount.
Power, Data, TV & Telephone

The location of power, data and TV points is commonly overlooked and can lead to unsightly leads and plugs in inconvenient locations around your home both inside and outdoors. We can offer often easy solutions, to relocate or add new points as your needs change.



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